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Modem Turned Into a MIDI Guitar Sort of: GuitArnet

GuitArnet is an Arduino-based simple MIDI guitar with pitch, power chords and minor pentatonic connected to Ableton Live through MIDI.

I’ve canceled my Internet service and the local company, named Arnet, left a cable modem router behind. I’ve thought about the trash but then I’ve decided to create a small MIDI instrument just because I was able to add “GUIT” to the Internet provider printed in the case and form GuitARNET. Yes. Really.

All the electronics were removed and I’ve added an Arduino Nano connected to a distance sensor, a joystick, 2 potentiometers and 2 Leds.

Joystick X were used to trigger single notes, while Y movements were used to trigger power chords (base note plus 5thnote) One potentiometer is used to determine the scale since only minor pentatonic notes in that specific scale will sound.

I’ve used Mozzi in the past to generate sounds right in the Arduino (View this Drum Machine and this Atari Joystick Synth) but this time I’ve wanted to learn something about MIDI connected to Ableton Live, so in this case Arduino sends MIDI messages over Serial. They are bridged to MIDI and sent to Ableton to produce sounds from there.

So GuitArnet is able to play other instruments as well like drums and keyboards.”

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