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In this tutorial, I will teach you how to Levitate objects using sound waves and of course with the help of an Arduino board.

Ultrasonic Transmitter
If you have ever worked with ultrasonic modules, for example, SRF05, you have noticed that two ultrasonic sensors are used in this group of modules, one to send waves and the other to receive that using the same wave travels back and forth projects easily. Sensors are made, if you disassemble these sensors, two letters R or T are printed on the back of these sensors. We need a T or Transmitter to make this project. The R Type is the receivers.

L298N Driver Module
The L298N driver module is normally used to start DC motors, but as you will see later in this project we will use this module differently. This module has four outputs (out1, out2, and out3)., out4) that we will use out1 and ou2 outputs. In this project, using Arduino, the first 5v pp are applied to the driver module and then converted to 25v pp, and transmitters are applied.”

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