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Hello! I am Sunayana Pai, an interdisciplinary engineering junior at San Jose State University. I’m working with Andrew Duong, a mechanical engineering senior.
Inspired by the popular Twitch Plays Pokemon (where viewers of a stream sent commands for the game’s character to follow) and various delivery robots on the market, we wanted to create a entertainment in the form of a delivery bot the viewers are challenged to control. If you’ve never heard of Twitch, it is a live broadcast in which people can watch and chat in real time!
We decided to call this robot TOADS, which stands for Twitch Operated (Internet) Accessible Delivery System!

Circuit/hardware components:

- ESP8266 (or any other microcontroller with Wi-Fi capabilities)
- L298N dual motor driver
- Link includes motor driver, motors, and wheels
- Motors (x2)
- 1.5V AA batteries or equivalent (x6)
- You can use a higher voltage as long as the L298N can handle it. You can also use rechargeable LiPo Batteries!
- HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor
- Wheels
- 3/4” ball bearing (x2)
- Jumper wires
- Male to Male, Female to Male, and Male to Female
- #8 Screws and Nuts
- Screwdriver
- Soldering Iron + Solder (Optional but recommended)


- 3D printer
- 1kg 1.75 mm PLA filament
- We used green so ours could look like a toad :)
- We also used transparent filament for the bottom.”

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