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How to setup IoT devices with Arduino and a Raspberry Pi for a home automation system.

I’ve developed a communication stack based on the OSI model for nRF24 radios over the past number of years, and it is fairly complete and fully functional. It supports quite a wide range of communication scenarios, with a mesh layer that allows wireless nodes to find communication paths through the network automatically when a given connection fails or goes offline and uses other nodes to bridge the distance between points in the network.

This is one of the more advanced scenarios on how to use it.

Basically what I am doing is using the internet connected Raspberry Pi as a gateway for all of my Arduino devices, which will run their own IP stack and communicate directly with the Raspberry Pi using the MQTT protocol. This allows me to send and receive information to and from the Arduinos using any device/software that supports MQTT, including mobile devices. All of this is done wireless, using nrf24l01 radios.

These instructions assume users have working radios wired up and ready to go. There are numerous tutorials on setting up and transmitting simple messages.”

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