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Poseidon - is a modular control setup for your garden pond for sensors and switches. Monitoring is done with the TICK stack (Telegraf, Influxdb, Chronograf and Kapacitor) accompanied by a python Flask webserver for the control and quick overview. All is (in my setup) running on a raspberry PI 4. The influxdb creates some CPU spikes but there is plenty of power over to serve the relevant stuff and UI experience is smooth. I used to run it on a RPI 3B but that was pushing the limits a bit (both memory and CPU) at least for the influxdb database.

The application is built mainly of 5 parts (For a deeper description use the READMEs below) but each individual service can be used standalone with some tweaking:

- Fishfeeder
- Water Control with level and tap (including watering of the garden plants)
- Web Server instance
- Water Quality - Atlas scientific sensors in custom casing and mounted in a Sieve filter
- Pond Control which is the “controller” in this setup

The interaction with the pond is mainly done via the web app where you can control timers or interactive feeding, water on/off etc. For more details and long term trends you have that in the Chronograf or Grafana which visualize the DB data. Chronograf has a few nice predefined dashboards both for RPI resource (CPU, mem,…) usage and also the sensor values from the pond. Kapacitor is not really used at all and you can disable it if wanted as the pond_control is doing some of it’s work. Telegraph is mainly used to collect the resource usage.”

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