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Build an MQTT Intercom with Wio Terminal

Create your own wireless intercom for easy and non-intrusive communication around the house! Also doubles as a desk clock.

In today’s article, we are going to build an Arduino wireless intercom with our Wio Terminal! This project sets up your Wio Terminal as a desk clock, but also allows you to send and receive messages to other devices via the MQTT protocol.

Wireless Intercom Background & Overview
I had dinner at a friend’s place over the Lunar New Year holidays, and they had trouble calling everyone to the table. That’s when someone aptly remarked that some kind of intercom would be so useful! Sadly, a quick online search revealed that modern intercom systems cost anywhere from USD 1500 to 6000 for hardware and installation – that’s huge!

In addition, for many of us, it is an absolute must to be distraction free while working. This means that our mobile phones might be put away with notifications turned off, rendering us unreachable. With the WFH (work from home) situation persisting in many areas around the globe, we’re going to need an easy yet non-intrusive way of still carrying out essential household communications.

All of that said, why not build our very own wireless intercom system with Wio Terminal and Arduino? That way, we’ll gain similar conveniences at just a fraction of the cost!

Let’s first take a look at the short demo video that I’ve made for this project.”

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