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Build a TinyML Smart Weather Station with Wio Terminal!

Learn to build your very own smart weather station powered by machine learning, from data acquisition to training to deployment!

In today’s tutorial, learn to create your own Wio Terminal Smart Weather Station with TinyML powered prediction capabilities! This article is a complete step-by-step guide to get this project up and running with your Wio Terminal, all the way from data acquisition to training, and finally deploying our smart weather station with Arduino code.

Smart Weather Station: Project Overview
Typically, a weather station project would involve connecting the sensor to our microcontroller platform and reading out this data in real time, either on an LCD display or over an internet connection to an online database.

Today, I want to share the smart version of this weather station project that I created by adding the capability for our Wio Terminal to predict the current weather conditions. With an onboard TensorFlow Lite model, the Wio Terminal becomes able to use real time temperature and relative humidity data for making half-hourly weather predictions!”

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