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Measure the weather and stay aware of climate change!

Ever want to know exactly what the weather is like outside? Curious about how climate change has influenced your local weather? Do you want to know what the previous weather records are? I’ve made a weather almanac to find out!

I wanted to make a weather almanac to remind us of historic local conditions and to document daily climate changes. It can be difficult to see the changes to our climate. By building a weather station and a weather almanac, I can not only document daily temperature data, but also monitor how the weather has changed over the decades.

There are three parts to my weather almanac. First, I built a weather station with temperature, humidity, rain, snow, and wind sensors. The weather station is powered with a solar panel to ensure I can monitor the local weather continuously. Second, I collected historical weather data by downloading it from a server and emailing it to myself to compare with present day data. Third, I configured a raspberry pi all sky camera to take images during the day and utilized machine learning to identify cloud cover. This can be used in the future to improve historical weather data by ensuring we only compare similar situations in the weather almanac email. Together, the aspects of my weather almanac provide a better picture of past and present weather for my region.”

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