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The gloves will identify plants, among other things, and let you know if they’re edible or dangerous & automatically spray poison ivy.

My wife likes to go mushrooming, and I like when she continues living as a result of not eating dangerous mushrooms! She also is highly allergic to poison ivy, so if we’re already identifying plants on the go with a wearable we may as well kill the poison ivy.

What We’re Aiming For
In a literal sense, we’re aiming at poison ivy in an effort to destroy it and all it holds dear. But, in terms of what we’re going for with the project, the idea is fundamentally pretty simple. There will be a wearable someone can have on their hand/arm such that they can walk around and it’ll tell you what stuff is. If it’s a plant, it’ll tell what it is and light up green if it’s edible, yellow if it might be edible but more info is needed (like mushrooms with poisonous look-alikes), or red if it’s inedible/poisonous. And, for brownie points (and because it’s somewhat neat), we’ll automatically spray poison ivy.

The crazy contraption can be worn on your arm just below a glove because it’s a lot easier to control where you’re spraying for poison ivy and grab whatever edible mushroom it’s pointing at.”

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