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Hey Friends welcome to Techno-E-solution In this tutorial, Ill show you how to make Biometric Door Lock Security System Using Arduino Uno & Fingerprint Sensor R307. The Biometric security system is designed using Arduino uno & fingerprint sensor R307 where once the correct finger ID is placed, the door will get open and concerned person is allow access to enter.
Biometric security system use Arduino Uno as a microcontroller where a finger ID will act as a door unlocking system or a key. we made a Biometric locks system using Arduino Uno, which provides control to the door locking system which is servomotor. It is a simple system with take input from finger print sensor and the output give command to servo motor to lock/unlock. The system provides you to delete the finger id using setting buttons. There are 4 setting buttons which gives you full control to customize the system.
1. Enroll & Back
2. Delete & Ok
3. Up & Match
4. Down & Match
Add following libraries in your Arduino IDE :-
1. Adafruit_Fingerprint.h
2. Servo.h
3. SoftwareSerial.h
4. LiquidCrystal.h

To make this project we need Following components :-

Arduino Uno x 1
Fingerprint Sensor x 1
Servomotor sg-90 x 1
LCD Display (16×2) x 1
Green led x 1
Red led x 2
Resistor (1K) x 3
Potentiometer (10K) x 1
Male-Female berge strips x 1nos
Capacitor (220uf) x 1
12V DC jack socket x 1
1-Sides PCB Board x 1
Push Buttons x 4
PCB etching kit x 1
Soldering kit x 1
Adapter x 1”

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