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Designed a machine in which the user can dispose plastic and metal waste and redeem points to collect rewards by scanning the QR code.

Where Do Plastic Water Bottles End Up?

In landfills, floating on oceans, or rivers and on sidewalks. It was approximated that 46, 000 pieces of plastic trash are floating on the ocean per square mile. This plastic is killing animals, leaking chemicals and disrupting ecosystems. Each bottle can take up to one thousand years to decompose, leaking dangerous and harmful chemicals during the process. Some toxins leaked could cause cancer and reproductive disabilities. Burning of plastic generates toxic emissions such as carbon monoxide, chlorine, hydrochloride acid, fur-ans, and nitrites. Unfortunately, the argument of recycling can only do so little for its case since only 12% out of the thirty-five billion bottles use din one year gets recycled, indicating that only half of what you place in a recycle bin actually gets recycled.

A smart machine for plastic and metal waste disposal is a system which accepts Plastic wastes (bottles) and metal cans for recycling and in return dispenses pints in the wallet to the operator who recycles the waste. The reverse vending machine is equipped with proximity sensor to distinguish between different kinds of bottles and the points are gained when the user enter the code in the website.This invention relates in general to waste management and recycling the plastic and metal waste (bottles) in the environment. The littering of plastic wastes in the environment and less willingness to recycle the plastic presents a continuing problem to environment and to all the living beings.”

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