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Good afternoon, dear viewers and readers. In todays article, I will show you the universal microphone amplifier based on the microcircuit NE5532.

The microphone amplifier schematic diagram and printed circuit board (PCB) were developed in Easy EDA online environment.

The microphone amplifier can work with two or three output electret microphones. Good sound quality is achieved through the use of radio components such as tantalum capacitors and the low noise operational amplifier microcircuit NE5532.

The circuit contains two stages with controlled gain. The gain of the first stage is continuously adjustable by a potentiometer POT1 in the range of 1 … 10 times. The gain of the second stage can be changed in steps using a jumper JUMP1. If the jumper leads are not shorted together, the gain will be greatest, which is determined by the ratio of R8 and R5 resistors. When a jumper is connected to R6 or R7 in parallel with R8, the gain will be less.

I often use this microphone amplifier circuit to create lighting devices that use sound accompaniment.

Based on the schematic diagram, we get a double-sided printed circuit board”

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