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Maple Syrup Pi Camera

Low power(‘ish) AIoT smart camera (3D printed) based on the Raspberry Pi Zero W and Google Coral EdgeTPU

People ask me the reason I chose to use the Raspberry Pi Zero for this project considering it’s not a powerful single-board computer. I could have tried ready-made smart cameras, but the Raspberry Pi is one of the best selling general purpose computers ever (beating the Commodore 64, numbers from 4 years ago!), therefore it has a huge community. This makes life much easier when you need to find a driver or how to solve a problem. In addition to that, last year I released my work on a flexible, collision resilient, quadcopter that has as its brain… a Raspberry Pi Zero W! So, I’m quite familiar working with the Zero and I hope the Raspberry Pi Foundation will soon come up with an upgrade (maybe adding a RP2040 to the RPI Zero PCB?).

How to build your own
- Raspberry Pi Zero W
- Raspberry Pi Camera ( + RPI Zero flat cable)
- Coral USB Accelerator
- USB-C to micro USB cable (or adapter)
- Micro SDCard (if you want to use our image it’s recommended 8GB)
- 3D printed parts”

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