Indoor Greenhouse With Touch Screen Control

Growing your own herbs and flavorings is not just a healthy alternative but is both fun and cost effective too! To further make the project worthwhile, the automated greenhouse will make an attractive addition to any room as a highlight piece and provide an ever-changing centerpiece for the entire family to enjoy. Having a greenhouse in my kitchen has been a great addition, but the existing interface was clunky with buttons and knobs to activate and adjust most aspects of its operation. By up-cycling an existing greenhouse project to incorporate a touchscreen instead, more of the operations can be automated, the user interface is cleaner and current status is always visible. From a maker standpoint, there is significantly less wiring and functionality can be expanded to include more features and data collection - both now and in the future because no new physical input devices are required. So without further fanfare, if you are interested in growing your own herbs and spices or just interested in getting some ideas for programming your touchscreen, let’s get right into it.”


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