Hydrosys4 - DIY Automatic irrigation system with APP

The Hydrosys4 is a hobbyist project based on the raspberry PI3 (but it also works just fine for the RPi0W). I started it because I could not find a proper irrigation system for my balcony and terrace plants, the system then evolved to include quite many features.
The Hydrosys4 is basically a very precise irrigation system with a nice web interface, it currently includes the following functions:
Precise irrigation timing (order of seconds), Monthly irrigation scheduling, conditional irrigation based on the temperature and humidityControl up to 16 irrigation linesPossibility to schedule fertilization cycles using liquid fertilizerSensor data collection:TemperatureSoil moisture (up to 6 independent probes)Light intensityAtmospheric pressureAir HumidityRemote access to the system via Wifi connection and internet connectionEmail notifications and alertsConnection to webcam (up to 4 USB camera) + raspicam to remotely check your plants, schedule of daily pictures.Support for servo motor to be used together with webcam to control the webcam/raspicam direction.Steaming video The system software is written in python. The hardware is based on raspberry pi3 plus some additional hardware as explained in the hardware section of this site. The system includes a web server running on the raspberry using flask and tornado which provides a web interface that is accessible by wifi or LAN. All hardware and software is open source.
Project background:Back to the beginning, I love to grow plants in my house I found it to be a very relaxing activity, but I have two problems, I do not have a piece of land so I plant everything in pots (pots need very careful water management), I travel very often and cannot take everyday care of the plants. I approached the problem as an engineer and I shortly realized that the commercial irrigation systems are too rough for the pot irrigation and most of the time my balcony and terrace were flooded with water. I required more precise control of the timing and the amount of water, moreover it would have been nice to have some remote control and notification system with pictures of my plants to be accessible when I was travelling.”


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