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5V Battery Powered Pocket Sized Variable Power Supply

AI’s big leap to tiny devices opens world of possibilities

AMD Ryzen PRO Desktop Processors Deliver Professional-Grade Performance, Security, and Reliability for Businesses Worldwide

An Algorithm Helps Protect Mars Curiosity’s Wheels

Arduino MIDI Fighter V

Bluetooth Controlled Car With Camera

Customizable Sanding Stick

Happy Birthday: Apple’s iPhone turns 10 years old V

How to Build a Web-based Garage Door Controller V

How to Make IR Security Alarm & a IR Detector Using LM358 V

Microsemi Announces General Availability of Engineering Samples for its Lowest Power, Cost-Optimized Mid-Range PolarFire FPGAs

New form of carbon that’s hard as a rock, yet elastic, like rubber

newelectronics 27 Junho 2017

Pixel Art Frame V

Solr: digital wrist watch

The MagPI 59

Tipo : Braille Smartphone Keypad V

A new way of extracting copper

Ahead of the Curve

Arduino Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired

Drones that drive

Eclipse Oxygen IDE Improvements: General, Java and Git V

ESP8266: Super compact WiFi Snipper for DeAuth attack

“Everything is Better with Bluetooth”: Add Your Own Custom Bluetooth LE to Your Next Project V

Gas Sensor Module

Intelligent Level Sensor Network

NASA Completes Milestone Toward Quieter Supersonic X-Plane

New Design Improves Performance of Flexible Wearable Electronics

Next-Generation Bluetooth Low Energy Chip from STMicroelectronics Boosts the Boom of Connected Smart Things

Poppy Ergo Jr V

Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 Mobile Platform to Bring 14nm FinFET Process, Enhanced Dual-Camera Support and Fast LTE Connectivity to Mid-Range Smartphones and Tablets

Samsung Introduces Image Sensor Brand ‘ISOCELL’ at 2017 MWC Shanghai

Scientists produce dialysis membrane made from graphene

Stanford engineers design a robotic gripper for cleaning up space debris V

Toshiba Memory Corporation Announces 96-Layer 3D Flash Memory

World’s largest automated port to become operational by year end

1 billion suns: World’s brightest laser sparks new behavior in light

Arduino Timer and Triggers - Automated Shutters

Canonical supports Ubuntu Core on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3

Computer system predicts products of chemical reactions

IoT Globe V

New MCU software eliminates an FPGA to achieve a sub-1 microsecond current loop in industrial systems

RGB LED Pen for Lightpainting

Sony Makes “Core Libraries” of its Deep Learning Tools Available as Open Source

Inteligent Power Module (IPM) Board for Brushless Motors

LED CUBE 3x3x3

NeoPixel Thermometer!

Plant Watering Warning V

Plug and Play Board for IOT Module ESP8266-01

Rain Detector

Temperature and Solar Sensor Using Arduinos

Ultimate Electronics Helper || Variable Bench Top PSU With Helping Hands V

YouTube Channel IoT View Counter V

Efficient Joule Thief Power Supply

FCC Approves Oneweb’s Low-latency Internet Satellite NNetwork For Remote Areas

Multi Channel Analyzer for Gamma Spectroscopy With Arduino & Theremino V

The Attiny85/45 Capacitor Tester

A Unique Data Centre For Cosmological Simulations

Accelerating Deep Learning Research with the Tensor2Tensor Library

Arduino Based Line Following Robot

Arduino Tamagotchi Clone - Digital Pet V


Audio Amplifier Circuit on PCB Using LM386

Basic IC Tester Using Arduino NANO


DIY ultra cheap combination lock V

ESP and WS2812 8x8 LED Matrix V

How to Make a DIY Weather Station

Intelligent underground robot for urban environments is designed

MyHumidity Controlled by BME280 and Photon

New Fast-Charging Flow Battery Aims to Advance the State-of-the-Art in Energy Storage

New Femto-Camera with Quadrillion Fractions of a Second Resolution

Parking Lot IoT System V

Radio Frequency Cloning

Researchers Create 3-D Printed Tensegrity Objects Capable of Dramatic Shape Change

The rope-less revolution begins now – first full-scale MULTI goes into operation V

Tiny Security Using ATtiny85

Watch SpaceX Rocket Re-Launch, Kicking Off Double Header

Wifi controlled ceiling fan V

A 100-year-old physics problem has been solved

Arduino - Web-Based Thermometer V

ArduRadio AlarmClock

Build an EMG Audio Amplifier! (Electromyography) V

Creating an IoT Server with Home Assistant and MQTT V

Fidget Spinning Robot V

Garden Train - Arduino Wireless NMRA DCC V

Laser-targeting A.I. Yields More Mars Science

Latest PIC32 Family Increases Performance While Reducing Power Consumption

Object Detecting Robot

OpenScad Micro Servo Robot Arm Remix using MG90 Servo’s

Origami anything

Parametric Music Box

ROHM and A*STAR’S IME to develop artificial intelligence Chip for predictive maintenance in smart factories

Samsung Begins Mass Production of First Exynos-branded IoT Solution, the Exynos i T200

Self Watering Planter

Ultra-Thin Camera Creates Images Without Lenses

3D Through-Wall Imaging With Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and WiFi V

AMD EPYC™ Datacenter Processor Launches with Record-Setting Performance, Optimized Platforms, and Global Server Ecosystem Support

IoT Based Smart Farming Stick Using Arduino and Cloud Computing

MAZE Robot With Arduino

mbed OS 5.5 is now released!

One Transistor FM Transmitter

Organic crystals behave like steel

Paper Piano V

Plant inspiration could lead to flexible electronics

Volkswagen Autoeuropa: Maximizing production efficiency with 3D printed tools, jigs, and fixtures

World record in information retrieval from satellite data

Air Quality Meter

Arduino Data Logger: 2017 Build Update V

Automatic Pill Dispenser

Beer Fermentation Temperature Controller

Controlling RC Car Via a Web Interface

LENOVO Delivers the World’s Largest Next-Generation Intel-based Supercomputer at Barcelona Supercomputing Center

MyGlobe: Drawing 3D Images in Thin Air V

MyLight-Clock with NeoPixel Ring 12 Controlled by Photon

Persistence of Vision Arduino Code Generator

Real Time Face Detection and Tracking Robot using Arduino V

Researchers developing a new balance for the new kilogram

Simple & Easy to Make Vu Meter or Audio Meter Using LM3915 V

Tic-Tac-Toe with Teensy V

Arduino Commute Checker V

Automated Garden Monitoring System - Slimme Serre

Build a Digital Interactive Electronic Business Card V

Complete Raspberry Pi Weather Station

Data-Mining 100 Million Instagram Photos Reveals Global Clothing Patterns

Debian 9.0 Stretch has been released!

FarmCorder - Crop Nutrition Deficiency Sensor

“Hot” Electrons Move Faster Than Expected

How to build software for a computer 50 times faster than anything in the world

Intel discontinues Joule, Galileo, and Edison product lines

IoT Doorbell With Built-in IR Camera (Python, Flask, Raspberry Pi)

NASA Releases Kepler Survey Catalog with Hundreds of New Planet Candidates

NFU Dream Maker Project: Spherical Robot Base V

Pi Weather Station Project 1

Plant Feelings

Robot Uses Deep Learning and Big Data to Write and Play its Own Music

RPI Safety Camera With Motion Detection V

Simple Home Automation With Blynk V

Space junk: The cluttered frontier

Spanish scientists make advances in 3D printing bone and cartilage tissue

The Ultimate High Altitude Weather Balloon Data Logger V

Wirless Alarm and Remote Based Nodemcu and TelegramBot

Arduino Cell Phone 4G Signal Booster / Repeater V

Arduino Color Organ V

Arduino Memory Game V

Arduino Mini Shields Construction

Arduino Servo Foosball

Automatic Dog Feeder

China Shatters “Spooky Action at a Distance” Record, Preps for Quantum Internet

DIY Fidget LED Display V

DIY Robot Design V

Face Recognition System “K-Eye” Presented by KAIST

How to Make a MAZE GENERATOR Using ATtiny13a V

Logging CPU Temperature and Uptime of an OrangePi Zero

New chemical method could revolutionize graphene

New Evidence That All Stars Are Born in Pairs

Russian Researchers Developed a Reliable Forward Error Correction Method for Digital Data

7 Segment Date & Time With BT Adjustment

Arduino Bluetooth Programming Shield

Arduino WIFI Quality signal display V

Chip-E - RobotGeek Biped

Garden Sprinkler Controller

GLOBALFOUNDRIES Launches 7nm ASIC Platform for Data Center, Machine Learning, and 5G Networks

GLOBALFOUNDRIES on Track to Deliver Leading-Performance 7nm FinFET Technology

IBM Integrates with BMW CarData to Enable New and Innovative Services for Drivers

Jupiter Now Has 69 Moons

Michelin Visionary Concept

Microsemi Announces SoftConsole v5.1, the World’s First Freely Available Windows-Hosted Eclipse Integrated Development Environment Supporting RISC-V Open Instruction Set Architecture


newelectronics de 13 de Junho 2017

Nodemcu With OLED Display, PIR & DHT11 V

PCI-SIG Publishes PCI Express 4.0, Revision 0.9 Specification

Peg board round cable holder

Quad 18650 power supply

Researchers Discover Short-Cut to Satellite-Based Quantum Encryption Network

Samsung Achieves 220 Lumens per Watt with New Mid-Power LED Package

Scientists discover a 2-D magnet

This Custom Built “Commute Deck” Makes it Easy to Work on the Go

Wireless charging of moving electric vehicles overcomes major hurdle in new Stanford research

Arduino temperature Logger with SD card

Divide and conquer: How Microsoft researchers used AI to master Ms. Pac-Man

ESP8266 Based Temperature Sensor Connected to Home Assistant and MQTT

From drinking straws to robots

Microchip Extends eXtreme Low Power PIC32MM Microcontroller Family

Mini Zoetrope

Retro Nokia Snake Game with Arduino

RPi Serial Console Automation using Arduino

Simple Digital Voltmeter Circuit With PCB Using ICL7107

Smart Irrigation System Using IoT V

Surface-Mount Intelligent Low-Power Modules from STMicroelectronics Save Space in Energy-Efficient Motor Drives

Arduino Plant Watering System

BLC Using Arduino Emulator

‘Charliecloud’ simplifies Big Data supercomputing

CNC Dual Arm Plotter V

Coin spliter and counter

Digital Tachometer V

DIY Cheapest Bluetooth Controlled Home Automation V

Full Home Automation With E-Mail Notifications Using Arduino,ESP8266 & Python V

Getting Started with FPGAs: Lookup Tables and Flip-Flops

High Five Collector

How to Make 5 Volt Single Channel Relay Shield for Arduino, PIC, AVR V

How to Make a IoT Pet Feeder

Individually Addressable Incandescent Lamps V

IoT Smoke Alarm with Arduino, ESP8266, and a Gas Sensor

Microfluidics for the masses

New Computing System Takes Its Cues from Human Brain

New system allows optical “deep learning”

Play music with your Remote

Researchers image quasiparticles that could lead to faster circuits, higher bandwidths

Self-Learning Robot Hands

Simple Infinity Cube V

THIRD EYE FOR BLINDS - an Innovative Wearable Technology for Blinds V

Acrylic Gravity Powered Clock

AgeLab researching autonomous vehicle systems in ongoing collaboration with Toyota

Arduino Uno DDS Audio Signal Generator

Boeing studies planes without pilots, plans experiments next year

NE 555 Motor Speed Control

Open Source, Connected Robot Arm V

Talking Multimeter

TORLO - a 3d printed electromechanical clock V

18650 Lithium Ion Battery Capacity Tester

Arduino LCD 16x2. Turn Single Screen Into Multiple Screens V

Arduino Uno R3 Board

Build a Tank Volume Reader in Under $30 Using ESP32 V

Build an Arduino 101 Data Logger with the TI SensorTag


Crazy Engineer’s Drawing Robot / Arduino GRBL CoreXY Servo Drawbot V

ESP8266 - Thermometer

Fidget Spinner to Brushless Motor V

Game of Life on Nokia 5110 LCD

How to Make L293D Motor Driver Board V

LED Light With PIR Motion Sensor, Soft On/off and 2yr Battery Life V

Make a Lost Plane Finder

Optical Communication at Record-High Speed

TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview, 8th Edition

Tiny Face Watch

Wireless RFID Door Lock Using Nodemcu V

Beyond Scaling: An Electronics Resurgence Initiative

Electric avenue: New approach could transform semiconductor tech

NEC and Tokyo Institute of Technology use AI to dramatically increase image clarity under severe conditions

New Diode Features Optically Controlled Capacitance

New ultrathin material for splitting water could make hydrogen production cheaper

Wow! mystery signal from space finally explained

3D Printer Status Jacket

A64-OLinuXino Open Source Hardware Allwinner A64 Development Board Launched for 50 Euros

Circuit Playground Bike Glove

Presenting a robust and simple CNC Milling Machine

‘Scrambled light’ wavemeter breakthrough

SmallyMouse2 – Universal USB to Quadrature Mouse Adapter

Surprising Stripes in a “Bad Metal” Offer Clues to High-Temperature Superconductivity

Tech researchers team up for advanced materials

Arduino based Bluetooth Biped Bob (Walking & Dancing Robot) V

Astronomers Find Planet Hotter Than Most Stars

Build a Letterbox That Sends You Alerts V

Build a Raspberry Pi Rover Robot With Smartphone Control V

Engineer Unveils New Spin on Future of Transistors with Novel Design

First Developmental Flight of India’s GSLV MkIII Successfully launches GSAT-19 Satellite

Giving robots a sense of touch

IBM Research Alliance Builds New Transistor for 5nm Technology

Microsoft, Purdue collaborate to advance quantum computing

New ways of representing information could transform digital technology

Oscillation instead of free fall – Science paper for Rudolf Mößbauer Tenure Track Professor Michael Knap

Rice U. scientists slash computations for ‘deep learning’

Android Things Capacitive Touch Piano

DIY Class D Audio Amplifier V

Do-it-yourself Autonomous Tiny Robot V

Indoor Greenhouse With Touch Screen Control V

Peltier controlled from an Android App V

TIVA Based Digital Calculator

A PWM Dimmer Revisited V

Arduino Dynamic Web Control V

Arduino Traffic Light

Bacteria may supercharge the future of wastewater treatment

BLEWeather: a Portable Bluetooth Weather Station

BT Based Voice\ Remote Controlled Car Using TIVA MC

Chinese Rings Puzzle With Arduino

DIY Cathode Ray Tube: Interacting With Electrons V

DIY Laser Tag

Drawers for small components

Experts Predict When Artificial Intelligence Will Exceed Human Performance

How to Make a Robot Snake

IR Remote Controlled Home Automation Using PIC Microcontroller V

Laura: Emotional Compass Lamp

LIGO detects merging black holes for third time

Making prosthetic limbs feel more natural

Microsoft releases open-source toolkit to accelerate deep learning

One Transistor Audio for Pi Zero W

Phil05: A Raspberry Pi Robot V

Random numbers: Hard times ahead for hackers

Robot Design for Dummies

The Design and Implementation of the Anykernel and Rump Kernels, 2nd Edition

UTC IoT Clock V

Virtual Reality using Arduino and Processing V

Weather Forecast Cloud

A Whole New Jupiter: First Science Results from NASA’s Juno Mission

ATtiny85 Robot Insect V2.0

Make Your Own Arduino With Power Supply and Bootloader

NASA Renames Solar Probe Mission to Honor Pioneering Physicist Eugene Parker

Sound to RC Servo Driver V

SpaceX makes history by successfully launching first recycled rocket booster

Weather Aware Sprinkler Controller