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The MagPI 59

Can you really use a Raspberry Pi 3 as a desktop replacement? That’s the question we asked The MagPi maestro Rob Zwetsloot, as we tasked him to use a Raspberry Pi, and only a Raspberry Pi, as his sole computer for a week. You can read all about it in issue 59 of The MagPi – The Official Raspberry Pi magazine, out in stores today! The desktop computer is a dying breed these days, especially in the home. What better replacement for the old desktop PC than a Raspberry Pi, the ultimate low-cost but high-power computer. We’ve claimed several times that you can use a Raspberry Pi as your main computer, but this time we did it scientifically. By asking Rob to use a Raspberry Pi as his main computer for a week. For science! Summer is upon us (both rain and shine in the UK). The Raspberry Pi is small and portable, and lends itself to great outdoor projects. So we’ve gathered 12 of the best projects for outdoor use. From weather monitors to hot air balloons, there’s something here for all intrepid Raspberry Pi users. There’s a lot going on in The MagPi 59. From amazing projects like the Dog Treat Dispenser to Big Rob, the robot that uses SatNav for incredible precision. We’ve also got a guide to using the Sense HAT emulator, creating an Android app to control a Pi with Bluetooth, how to build a GPS tracking device and electronic wind chimes.”

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