The announcement of MULTI in 2014 was celebrated with a massively popular video. Since then, it has been the subject of widespread interest and recognition, most recently receiving Gold in the category of Transportation & Logistics at the 2017 Edison Awards. Now, MULTI is ready to go live. The medieval town of Rottweil, Germany, may seem an unusual place to test such futuristic technology, but in many ways it is the obvious choice. The new elevator-testing tower there is itself on the very cutting edge of applied science. It was also specifically designed to test MULTI – and on June 22nd, that is exactly what it will do. A full day of activities awaits the guests attending the unveiling of MULTI. The agenda includes presentations on every aspect of the MULTI, from a review of its maglev system, multi-level braking and inductive power technology, to a discussion of its interior design,an inspection of the testing shafts in the new towerand an exclusive on-site conference hosted by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. However, the main event addresses a central issue in the future of mobility. At the stroke of noon, MULTI rises – and the “rope-less revolution” begins. MULTI is the world’s first elevator system that altogether dispenses with cables or ropes. At first, that may sound like an odd thing to celebrate. But it is this ‘odd thing’ that opens up the possibility of an elevator that can go up, down, right, left – offering passengers a previously impossible opportunity to move about freely within buildings, and beyond. Make no mistake: this widely anticipated technology has the potential to revolutionize urban life, from underground subway construction to the design of buildings. And, as of June 22nd, 2017, the first fully functional unit is in use, in Rottweil, Germany.”


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