Dubai: In an impressive display of advanced technology at their disposal, Dubai Police on Sunday revealed a robo cop, an auto police patrol, and a flying motorbike at Gitex.
The new flying bike ‘Hoversurf’ can be used for responding to emergency situations.

“It works on electricity and can fly at five metres height and carry a policeman during emergency situations and heavy traffic. The bike can also fly without a passenger and and can go up to 6 kilometres. It can fly for 25 minutes and can carry up to 300 kg of weight at a speed of 70km/h,” First Sergeant Ali Ahmad Mohammad from the VIP Security Department in Dubai Police told Gulf News.
Dubai Police also unveiled a smart motorbike with multiple cameras capable of spotting reckless drivers.

The smart motorbike has eight cameras to take pictures and videos of violating vehicles. The battery-operated motorbike has a maxuimum speed of 200km/h,” said Huda Hassan, an Emirati policewoman.

The motorbike has been developed in co-operation with Dubai Police and Japanese company Mikasa.”


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