Arduino temperature Logger with SD card

We developed this outdoor stable temperature logger ourselves and programmed it in cooperation with Dominikus Pfeiffer. We use this to record the ambient temperature for our small weather station in North Berlin, Germany. You can also use it in cold rooms or in the apartment to analyze purposes. Thanks to Windows and Macintosh Excel / Numbers tables you can create wonderful graphics and evaluate the data. The temperature data stored every 15 minutes on a Micro SD card in a TXT file is evaluated every few months as required. Since we do not have to often to the memory card, we have this safe from moisture in the Inside. The housing is enclosed with 8x M2 screws and nuts. The power cable can be led outwards through a large hole in the ground. The smaller extinguishers are used for attachment to the site. Furthermore, the current temperature is displayed via a segment display, or the last one has been stored on the SD card. A modern DS18B20 sensor serves as a temperature sensor and stores the values ​​precisely to 0.5 degrees Celsius. A yellow LED only shows that the device is on the current, so you can see from the distance it works, it flashes every few seconds. The other two LEDs are only visible when writing the data on the SD card and when the time is being requested, because, among other things, a real time clock is installed. Each restart causes a new TXT to be created, consecutively numbered.”


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