“Everything is Better with Bluetooth”:  Add Your Own Custom Bluetooth LE to Your Next Project

This article uses Code Composer Studio to program a pre-certified module with TI’s CC2640F128 Bluetooth System on Chip to function as a simple UART transmitter. This project provides the basis to inexpensively add BluetoothLE to any of your projects. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) was designed for the Internet of Things. This project will provide the steps needed to add BLE to your next project at the module level. By programming a precertified module yourself, you can add Bluetooth to your next project for $5 per module ($25 for 5 modules), or $3.80 when purchasing a batch of 1000. This is a 75% reduction in cost over most hobbyist modules available through Sparkfun or Adafruit. This project uses a JTAG programmer that is available for $15 from Texas Instruments. That means that you are able to program your first five modules for $40, with additional batches of five modules for $25.”


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