Tipo : Braille Smartphone Keypad

After working with the user group on earlier version’s of braille keyboards, it was highlighted that there is no comprehensive way of typing into a smartphone. Current software solutions are too slow, do not give good tactile feedback or just are a pain to type with. Even though there are many soft keyboards available, we couldn’t find someone in our study group who uses any of the soft keyboards. In our study conducted, out of 10 people, 7 use “Feature Phones”, and the rest had smartphones but would take the help of a colleague or family member to type. It was the tactile buttons and not the cost that caused them to use feature phones. Thus it was concluded that it is necessary to have a tactile keyboard in order for more visually impaired to use a smartphone. The other challenge is faced by those who have recently lost their sight, and do not know how to use braille. A fast and efficient way in which this group of people can learn braille, is important”


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