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An infinity mirror watch.
This watch is a collaboration between myself and Jamal Davis. Our goal was to create a wearable-sized version of the infinity mirror clock projects we had seen around web. The end product is a 3d printed titanium/resin/crystal case with custom electronics and a laser cut/engraved acrylic face to create the illusion. It uses its RGB LEDs to indicate time by assigning hours, minutes, and seconds to Red, Green, and Blue respectively and overlapping these colors of light to create primary, secondary, and tertiary colors that represent the time. The watch can be charged via micro USB and has a built in fuel gauge to keep track of charge. It utilizes two capacitive touch contacts on the side to act as switches and a DS3231 RTC for accurate time-keeping. On the software side it features different programmable faces, set-time/show charge/sleep modes and even a built in rhythm game. More details to follow.”

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