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The MIC5219 is an efficient linear voltage regulator with high peak output current capability, very-low dropout voltage, and better than 1% output voltage accuracy. Dropout is typically 10mV at light loads and less than 500mV at full load. The MIC5219 is designed to provide a peak output current for start-up conditions where higher in-rush current is demanded. It features a 500mA peak output rating. Continuous output current is limited only by package and layout. The MIC5219 can be enabled or shut down by a CMOS- or TTL-compatible signal. When disabled, power consumption drops to nearly zero. Dropout ground current is minimized to help prolong battery life. Other key features include reversed battery protection, current limiting, over-temperature shutdown, and low noise performance with an ultra-low noise option. The MIC5219 is available in adjustable or fixed output voltages in SOT-23-5, and MM8® 8-pin power MSOP packages. For higher power requirements, see the MIC5209 or MIC5237.