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In my searches for interesting things, I sometimes come across vintage camera flashes and find myself always buying them. I have a draw full of old flashes and I have no idea why!
I have made lamps out of them (check these ibles here and here) before which is a great way to display them. This time though I decided to make a clock out of one.
I found a nice clock module recently on Ali Express and they fit quite well inside an old flash. They even have a temperature reading which is a nice add. The clock can run on anything from 3 volts to 30. I decided to use an old mobile phone battery as the power source which can be charge using a micro USB. You can also just leave the micro USB attached if you don’t want to keep charging. The battery lasts about a week.
You could easily use a small tripod as a stand if you wanted to. I decided to make my own with a few parts I had lying around.”

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