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I recently made an infinity mirror cube and I wanted to have it be a specific size with a specific number of LEDs. None of the LED strips that I could find had the correct characteristics for what I wanted, so I made my own. These strips are not flexible, but that wasn’t necessary for my project. The basis for these strips are custom designed circuit boards. I didn’t make the boards myself, but I did design them. This Instructable is about the process of assembling these strips after I received them. I may come back to this Instructable and

I don’t currently have an Instructable about designing these boards, but I did make a video describing the design. Maybe it could help you design your own if you choose this method. You can view that video here:

I also have a video that shows the steps from this Instructable. This video is actually about the whole infinity mirror cube project, but the assembly of these strips is in there, close to the beginning. You can view that video here:


Precision Tweezers
Soldering Iron

Addressable LEDs
Capacitors, 104

Solder Paste
Solder Flux
Solder Flux Pen
Scrap Pieces of Wood
Random Screws

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