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SoundBox is a 3D Printed Portable Bluetooth Speaker system, It also contains an RGB Board powered by Pico for aesthetics.

The goal was to put together a powerful Bluetooth sound system for my desk to replace the sound speaker project I had previously made.

Here, we are using a 12V 5.2A battery source in conjunction with two powerful 15W speakers and a ZK-TB21 audio module.

In addition, we have incorporated a custom RGB led driver that powers the background illumination on the back side of the sound system using a Raspberry Pi Pico for aesthetic purposes.

The Soundbox has five sound control knobs which control frequency, tremble, volume and bass.

This article is about the whole build process of this project, so let’s get started with the build.

Materials Required
Following are the materials used in this build:

- Custom PCB
- ZK-TM21 Audio Module
- 3D-printed parts
- Raspberry Pi Pico
- AMS1117 Voltage regulator
- 10uF 1206 Capacitor
- 1uF 1206 Capacitor
- WS2812B 5050 RGB LEDs
- 100nF Capacitor 0603 Package
- DC Barrel Jack
- Rocker Switch
- JST Connector
- 12V 5.2Ah Battery Pack
- M2 Screws
- M3 Screws
- 15W 8Ohms Speakers”

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