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RP2040 based Pi-Day Bling

RP2040-based bling that changes its LED color when it detects one of three keywords: “Pi”, “3.14”, or “Irrational”

Happy Pi-Day! This project describes a bling designed around the RP2040 microcontroller. In the spirit of celebrating Pi-Day, it is designed to capable of detecting three words namely: Pi, 3.14, and Irrational. When it detects one of these keywords, the RGB LEDs on the bling change their color.

The bling is designed around the RP2040 microcontroller. The following image shows the components of the bling.

The components of the bling on the back side (in numerical order) include:

- RP2040 microcontroller
- Goertek SD18OB261-060 PDM microphone
- Flash memory
- USB-C port
- Li-Po battery port + charger
- IS31FL3737 LED driver

The components on the front side of the bling include 12 WS2812B individually addressable RGB LEDs and 48 RGB LEDs.”

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