IoT Globe

Here is a great weekend project to undertake, if you have one of plasma globes or a transparent spherical object which you can add LEDs to. And this is something, which you can use every morning before you head out to work/school. The IoT Globe use a Raspberry Pi zero, LEDs strip which is added with cotton inside the globe, and a speaker to read out weather condition, time to work and tweets for a specific hashtag. Here are the features implemented,as you see in video demo above. Weather condition for you city/town are shown with the help of LED diffusion inside the globe. That is, the globe will glow yellow for sunny day and blue if it is raining outside, so you know if you have to carry an umbrella before heading out. This feature uses the API to get the weather condition, temperature and humidity and this will also be readout using the speaker connected to the Raspberry Pi. As part of the second feature, the globe glows Red,Orange,Green depending upon traffic/my time to work using the Google maps distance matrix API. Basically it takes me 25 to 30 minutes to get to work with no traffic, so if time to work is less than 30 mins then globe will glow green. The third feature is for you twitter fans out there, which get the latest tweets for a specific hashtag and reads them out via the speaker. These are the feature I have managed to implement, but you can make this your own by following the steps below and modifying the code. Post in the comments below, on what feature you plan to add..”


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