When I started designing a puppet play set (scale 1: 4) in the style of the early twentieth century one, it occurred to me that the protagonist was listening to music from a gramophone. As I really like electronic devices, it occurred to me to turn the gramophone into a kind of MP3 player.
You must to use the crank to start the turntable. One turn are 20 seconds. Press the button to change the music (changes the music folder).
We can divide the project into two parts: one the gramophone itself, with the box, the horn, the vinyls, and the other part, the electronics to play music (raspberry pi zero, speaker, battery, etc). The two parts are independent.
I leave two links where you can check how gramophonse were:
Where can you download 1900’s music into our RaspiPhono?
At the archive.org you can filter and find a lot of music”


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