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Touch Screen Cable Tracer

Diagnose the type and integrity of USB and RJ45 cables with this Touchscreen Cable Tracer. Identify the exact wiring configuration, diagnose broken wiring, and plug pin connections.

- Test over 10 cables types using RJ45, USB B/B3, USB A/A3, USB C, USB Mini, USB Micro/Micro3
- Touch screen menu Auto Detect Mode and Manual Mode for a deeper diagnosis
- Displays Loop-back of pins on any of the input and output ports in use

Based on the popular Arduino Cable Tracer the Touch Screen Cable Tracer is 70% smaller, uses an Arduino shield that eliminates over 20 hours of meticulous soldering, and uses snap-together parts with minimal soldering.

I have tried to minimise the number of parts to make this more accessible to makers of all skill levels

- Arduino Mega 2560 Board
- Cable Tracer Arduino Mega Shield - Two options
- Order a fully assembled and tested shield from here
- Create and order your own PCB from JLPCB see step 4
- ILI9325 2.8” TFT Touch Screen x 1
- Case - 3d Printed model with 3 parts provided in instructable
- 1m length USB A cable x 1 - used to connect USB charger to Cable Tracer unit
- USB A charger - used to power the unit
- 3 x M3 diameter 8mm length screws
- 3 x 3mm washers - 3d printed model provided
- Double Row Header Connector Strip 2.54mm - 1 of 16x2
- Single Row Header Connector Strip 2.54mm - 5 of 8x1 and 1 of 6x1”

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