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Smart LPG leak detector device which generates phone alert notification using ESP RainMaker

In these hurry days, it does happen that many a times, we miss on many things which can be a major cause of concern for us and our family. One of these things is definitely our negligence to turn off the gas stove knob. This if taken carelessly can result in a tremendous loss, a loss to life as well.

Even I was a defaulter to it. Hence I took the efforts to create a solution in the form of a tiny device which is efficient as well as cost effective. It is smart enough to alarm instantly on buzzer and on phone using notification alerts.


- Espressif ESP32-DevKit-D
- MQ6 - LPG Propane Gas Sensor Module
- Active Buzzer Module - 3.3-5V
- DIP 3 Color LED Module
- Jumper Wires”

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