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Running Faucet Alarm

Detect running faucet using low powered i. MXRT1010 development board and Edge Impulse Studio.

Poor memory are only a few of the many unpleasant experiences that accompany old age and these problems can have far-reaching implications on the comfort and security of seniors. Dementia is one of the most common neurological problems associated with the elderly. Imagine a case of seniors leaving the faucet on. The kind of water damage that might ensue is simply unimaginable. Not to mention lots of safety concerns such as electrocution and drowning. Also, sometimes kids or even adults forget to stop the faucet after use. It also adds up to your monthly water usage bills. In this project, I have built a proof of concept of an IoT enabled device which can detect running faucet using sound sensor and can alert by beeping a buzzer and optionally can send you an email.

Hardware Setup
I am using i.MX RT1010 development board which has an inbuilt microphone. Also, I am using PCF85063AT-ARD Real-time clock (RTC) Shield. After mounting the PCF85063AT-ARD on the top of the i.MX RT1010 development board headers there is no access to other pins on the main board but the PCF85063AT-ARD has external I2C pins which can be used to connect other I2C peripherals. I am using M5Stack Atom Lite (ESP32 development board) for Wifi connectivity and SSD1306 OLED Display for displaying prediction label. Also, a Grove passive buzzer is connected to the M5Stack Atom Lite for alert.”

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