The GuitarBot started as the collaborative work of three University of Delaware professors: Dustyn Roberts, Troy Richards, and Ashley Pigford. The project has been worked on by teams of their students since Spring 2015 and has been passed along since. The work is part of an initiative at the University of Delaware dubbed ‘Artgineering,’ a portmanteau of the terms Art and Engineering. As its name suggests, the initiative is designed to facilitate greater collaboration between art and engineering. The GuitarBot itself was intended to create a public spectacle in hopes to demonstrate that engineering and art can work together harmoniously. Being a part of the larger “Maker” community ensures that this project is constantly growing and adapting with all those that use it. The authors are students working under the guidance of the University of Delaware and the College of Engineering Summer Fellows Program 2017. Our goal for this program is to provide the GuitarBot to use as an educational platform by providing the code and simple documentation on how we created our Guitarbot. GuitarBot is, as the name implies, a guitar-playing robot that has three major components: the brains, strummer, and chord mechanism. The brains, comprised of an Arduino®, specially-ordered PCB board, and several shields, serve to control the system. The strummer is essentially a pick that is pulled by a direct current motor with encoder attached to a belt. The chord mechanism is a series of solenoids that press down certain frets. The GuitarBot is a multi-faceted entry level technology that contains smaller, team-oriented projects that unite. All who make it will get to dive into….”


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