Ardu McDuino: Bagpipe Playing Robot (chanter)

Bagpipe chanter playing robot. A chanter is a low cost device allowing you to learn to play the bagpipes. It resembles the important part of bagpipes, i.e. the part that plays the main tune with a reed and finger holes, you just blow down it for now until I can make a suitable air pump. The brain is an Arduino Mega 2560. The encoding of the music within the Arduino code is a custom system I have come up with (more later). I particularly wanted it to have “hands” with moving fingers which played the notes and so I have used an off the shelf open source design of 3D printed prosthetic hand called a Raptor-reloaded, from the Enable project for 3D printing prosthetic hands for matched recipients in developing countries: The finger tips are lifted off the holes of a bagpipe chanter with 12V DC solenoids. The solenoids are controlled by the Arduino board via opto-isolated MOSFETS which can be bought on low cost boards fully assembled in groups of four.”


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