GPS + WiFi Rover

An outdoor rover, capable of autonomous navigation (using GPS and sonar sensors) or controlled over WiFi. The goal of this project is to create an outdoor rover, capable of autonomous navigation using GPS and sonar sensors, but which can also be controlled and tracked over WiFi. Of course, there are dozens of similar projects (some under the name “smart car”). Here are some features which set this project apart: We use NodeMCU microcontroller and Blynk app to control the rover using a cellphone; It is intended for outdoor, off-the-road navigation. To achieve it, we use tank chassis with 12 V motors - more powerful than typical smart car project; To prevent motor burnout, we use motor drivers with current limiting; To avoid nest of wires, we use custom-made PCB (schematics and Eagle files are included with this project). We also use a custom-made plastic cover for nice appearance; For increased accuracy, we use GPS receiver based on a newer u-blox M8N chip, which use both GPS (USA) and GLONASS (Russia) navigation systems at the same time.;This tutorial contain full instructions; in the attachments you will find Bill of Materials (in CAD and custom parts section), schematics, and sample code.; This projects was created for robotics lab at SigmaCamp, a science summer camp.”


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