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A Smart Tea Machine Using Bolt IoT with Real-time Payment integration(UPI).

The Smart Tea Machine is a simple demonstration of how Unified Payments Interface (UPI) can be integrated with devices especially devices like Bolt IoT, Raspberry Pi, etc. It shows the relative ease and simple code that can be used to have basic functionality in a standard machine without display.

The main idea of this project is to make a machine that can be used with the Indian payment system.

The Existing old tea machine is used to prove the concept.

A standard old tea machine has been modified to be controlled by a Bolt IoT WiFi Module with a 5v Relay. The Bolt IoT WiFi Module is directly connected to the 5V DC Pump inside the Tea machine. The Bolt IoT WiFi Module connects over WiFi to a Bolt Cloud and an integromat scenario with webhook checks regularly to see if a new transaction has done on the app. When it finds one, it wakes the Tea machine and dispenses a Tea.”

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