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Simple Smart Mirror

Wow! its been quite a longtime i uploaded something, been busy working on so many stuffs and realised i have to drop something for my followers as the sayings goes, ‘always have a project to work on’ haha perhaps that’s just me, anyway back to business!!
Ever been amazed by seeing ‘magic mirrors’ or smart mirrors and wish you could build yours? or have you tried the steps by others and still encounter new problems and got stuck and gave up? you not alone, i have too and have been able to find simple ways to make it much simpler avoiding some unnecessary download of stuffs you don’t need really! together after we build our first one, come with me lets go on a journey to build a touchscreen smart mirror the size of 15.6” laptop display or 32 inch TV with icons and hope this journey will be worth it for newbies and those looking for excitement!!!!
Am gonna lay out the steps as detailed as i can, and in ‘layman’ terms considering someone who has no knowledge of coding or electronics.
A am going to leave the Mirror part last because if you can get the display working perfectly, building the mirror frame is the easiest part (you can just buy a mirror frame) and use it to mount the display.

1. Raspberry pi 3 up (Dnt use anything lower than pi 3. NB: you will do a lot more coding to prep. it to get it to run magic mirror)
2. USB WiFi Adapter dongle (If you pi is without WiFi) you can also use Ethernet
3. Keyboard
4. Mouse
5. LCD/LED display (Desktop computer screen WITH HDMI port, faulty Laptop with working monitor my choice, or you can start with a pi 7 inch LCD display) whichever you can get your hands on will work fine.
6. Computer NB: not necessary (it just helps to use VNC viewer link to pi and control it on your computer but not necessary you can ignore it)
7. Glass frame “

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