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In this article, we are getting to discuss an easy amplifier circuit with a BC547 transistor. Here you’ll find the complete schematics and other more information. So thereupon being said let’s start our article.

How does the essential amplifier Circuit work?
This circuit works on the essential principles of the NPN transistors. The low amplitude Audio signal goes into the bottom of the transistor.

Then the signal flows through the transistor’s collector to emitter, as a result, the present will flow then the bottom gets a sign.

A capacitor is a connected serial with the bottom. This capacitor is employed to smooth the upper frequencies of the audio signal. (The signal which is coming from an audio signal)

Then this signal amplifies through the transistor’s collector pin.

The circuit is experimental only. it’s not for practical usage. If you run an extended time the circuit then the transistor will heat up quite a lot. As a result, the transistor could also be damaged.

The efficiency of those sorts of amplifies is extremely low. So, you cannot use thin in practical cases. confirm that Polarity is true otherwise the transistor is going to be instantly damaged.

You can run any 4 Ohm speakers easily.”

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