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This VU meter is very sensitive, has great dynamics, and the response time is instantaneous.

A VU meter, also known as a Volume Unit meter, is a device used to display the audio signal level in real-time. This time I will describe how to make such a device that uses a Vacuum tubes instead of analog instruments. In some of my previous videos you can see several types of such devices with different ways of displaying signals.

This time, two 6E2 type vacuum tubes are used for this purpose, which can be obtained at a very low price of about two dollars.

These tubes are a direct replacement for the higher quality, but also more expensive EM84.

The device is relatively simple to make and consists of several components:

- 2 pcs. 6E2 Magic Eye vacuum tubes
- DC-DC boost power supply module 12 to 250V
- NPN signal transistor (BC547)
- 2 pcs. 1N4001 diode
- 39V Zener diode
- 100K Stereo Potentiometer
- and some passive elements (resistors and capacitors)”

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