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Room Light Monitoring Project Using Z-Score Analysis

This system gives the value of light intensity in your room. If value is suddenly increases or decreases then it sends you an alert.

There is system from which you get the value of the intensity of light in your room. yahh Room Light Monitoring system or Alert System is such a useful IoT tool or project.

This tool can be used in many ways, such as to check the lighting condition of the room, i.e whether the room looks perfect or not?

The other use of this system is that if the lights of the room are off and someone enters in your room without your notice and if this system is connected then it send you an alert on your phone.

Hardware Required
1 x Bolt IoT Module
1 x Micro USB cable
1 x LDR (2 legged device with a red wave pattern disk on top)
1 x 330 Ohm resistor (orange, brown, gold color code)
Connecting the LDR circuit to the Bolt
Insert one lead of LDR into Bolt Module’s 3v3 pin and the second lead of LDR into the A0 pin. Insert one leg of 330 ohm resistor into the GND pin and the second leg of the resistor also into the A0 pin”

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