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Automated Home Appliance

Designed a system which works as a Automated Home Appliance with BOLT WIFI MODULE which is power saying and even used as Fire alarm

In this modern era we people look for Smart things like smart phones smart TVs etc. So in the same way I designed a smart appliance which is both smart and low power consuming which not only makes our work simple but also saves money. Along with which I designed another appliance which works as a Fire alarm which triggers us whenever there happens a fire accident in home.

1. Introduction
This project “SMARTHOMEAPPLIANCE” has primarily two functionalities.

· To turn ON and OFF the AIR CONDITIONER (let us take as yellow LED) basing on the Current trmperature readings

·Acts as afire alarm by switching ON and OFF Buzzer and RED LED

*The first operation which is On and Off of AC is done by the LM35 temperature sensor which gives us current temperature values. Now we set a limit of MAXIMUM and MINIMUM current temperatures. If the value of temperature is in between Maximum and Minimum limit we send a request to twilio to send message and it send the message to mobile showing the current temperature and also telling that “ACwill be Turned ON as it was HOT”. And when the temperature is less than Minimum temperature it immediately send message to user saying the current temperature and also ” AC will be turned OFF as it was cool” and it switches of AC.

*The second operation is FIRE ALARM, so this works when the temperature sensor records temperature which is higher than Threshold, then immediately we get a message to user from Twilio saying “FIRE ALERT!!!” and also it switches OFF AC if turned ON and turns FIRE LED and FIRE BUZZER ON for This also includes a seconds and OFF again. This process continues.”

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