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Advanced Irrigation System

Redesigned approach with Implementation of Decision Tree for better parameter analysis with alert and control provided by 3rd party app.

The Smart Irrigation System is an IoT based device which is capable of automating the irrigation process by analyzing the moisture of soil and the climate condition (like raining). Soil Parameters like soil moisture, pH, Humidity are measured and the Pressure sensor and the sensed values are displayed in an OLED panel and also on a mobile application.

The need of automated irrigation system is to overcome over irrigation and under irrigation. The purpose of smart irrigation system is that to defeat the conventional methods of irrigation done by farmers. The conventional methods were the one in which the farmer did everything manually by user interaction with the motors, pump etc. This conventional method was time consuming and had unpredictable output. The conventional methods were also affected by conditions like unpredictable weather, under irrigation and over irrigation. The farmer was not able to complete everything in a particular time and usually this led to decreased output and poor management.

Thus there came the need to automate it and make a Smart irrigation system so that all the process can be improved.”

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