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My not so stupid home

Control and read light, temperature, humidity, feeder and water pump for cat with SD card, HTTP server on NodeMcu and Android client app.

I recently bought NodeMcu Lua ESP8266 controller and decided to start some home automation (or home management) project just to make my everyday life a little bit easier. To do that, I used relay for room light, DHT11 for temperature and sensor and 2 motors - DC water pump and Servo motor for cat’s feeder. Software on NodeMcu was written in Arduino Studio - sketch have one Http server which receives requests from Http client ( in my case, I wrote an android app). Sketch also contains one UDP client which is used to get time from NTP servers. I used HTTP because it’s simple and my schematic is not complexed - I just needed simple request-response communication. I recently added SD card module for reading configuration for automatic feeding and watering.”

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