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8x8 Led Matrix Clock & Anti-Intrusion Warning

In this Instructable we’ll see how to build a 8x8 Led Matrix Clock activated by motion detection.
This clock can be used also as anti-intrusion device that send a warning message if a motion is detected to a telegram bot!!!
We’ll do with two different objects:
The digital clock, controlled by a Wemos D1 mini A central control unit (rasperry) where mosquitto is running (a MQTT broker) that make the interface between the clock and the telegram bot
This architecture is thinked to manage the communication between other devices, with different functions (ie. temperature sensors, relay, …), to the telegram bot

Part list of the Digital Clock:
- Wemos D1 Mini
- Wemos D1 Mini - RTC shield8x8 Led Matrix with MAX7219
- PIR sensor
- Breadboard
- Cables
- USB charger

Part list of the Central Control Unit
- Raspberry PI
- USB charger”

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