Build a Smart Garden with IoT Plant Monitoring System

Monitor the sunlight and water content of your plants and get alerts when you need to act. No coding. Just drag and drop the logic.

In today’s busy world we forget to nourish and water plants that makes our home clean and soothing. Think about ‘it what if your plants are able to tell you when they are happy and when they require proper attention. It would be awesome right! It would be really helpful if we get a notification on our phones about our plant’s health and needs. Taking account of this we came up with the idea of building a smart garden with IoT plant monitoring system. It checks the moisture content of the soil and intensity of sunlight falling on plant at regular time intervals. After the data is processed and verified by a logic created using Integromat, accordingly an SMS is sent about the plant’s health. It will make our life simple and easy and will also help us to take better care of our plants. So let’s get started!”


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