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This Instructable shows you how to add a high-resolution touch screen to your Arduino and make a synthesizer that controls colored LEDs! The techniques you learn here can serve as a foundation for other touch screen projects!
In this Instructable, you will learn:
Where to get a high resolution 800x480 touch screen.
How solder a headers on the touch screen.
How to 3D print and assemble an LCD stand (optional step).
How to hook up the color touch screen to the Arduino Uno.
How to build a line out jack to the touch screen using passive components.
How to hook up a LED matrix to your Arduino.

For this Instructable, you will need:

A high-resolution touch screen based on an FT810 chip (see the next step for my recommendation)
2x5 and 1x4 male headers (you could buy these and cut them down to length)
A soldering iron
Electrical tape
Female-to-male jumper wires
Male-to-male jumper wires.
An Arduino Uno
A breadboard
A set of WS2812 LEDs (I got a 4x4 module for about $5 from eBay)
A 220Ohm and a 100Ohm resistor, a 100nF ceramic capacitor and 1uF thin-film capacitor and a 3.5mm audio jack.
A breadboard
An Arduino Uno
A set of amplified computer speakers or earbuds.

Credits/Disclaimer: This project makes use of freely available and GPL-licenced library code I worked on while employed at AlephObjects, maker of the LulzBot open-source 3D printers. This project and associated videos were done on my own time at home, using my own equipment.”

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