Home Automation: Automatic Switch Board With Dimmer Control Via Bluetooth Using Tiva TM4C123G

Nowadays, we have remote controls for our television sets and other electronic systems, which have made our lives really easy. Have you ever wondered about home automation which would give the facility of controlling tube lights, fans and other electrical appliances at home using a remote control? Off-course, Yes! But, are the available options cost-effective? If the answer is No, we have found a solution to it. We have come up with a new system called micro-controller based home automation using Bluetooth. This system is super-cost effective and can give user, the ability to control any electronic device without even spending for a remote control. This project helps the user to control all the electronic devices using his/her smartphone. We also added the functionality of dimming to one port from where you can remotely control either the brightness of the light or the speed of a fan.”


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