Remote Control Your Arduino Robot

In this Instructable I am going to cover to use an Adafruit Motor Shield for Arduino V2 along side an nRF24L01 Antenna to make a long range remote controlled robot. I am using an old Adafruit Arduino 101 CurrieBot with an Arduino Uno instead of the Arduino 101 that came with the robot. This tutorial however is applicable to any Arduino project running an Adafruit Motor Shield V2 that would like to use nRF24L01 or nRF24L01+ antennas to control their project.
Materials used
Arduino 101 Curiebot Kit (using an Arduino Uno) - Arduino Controller - nRF24L01 antennas - Breakout Adapter - a split chop stick 3x Bread Ties 7x male to female jumper wires - you are looking for a versatile motor controller Adafruit’s motor shield is a great option. It has the capacity for four DC motors or two steppers as well as many servos. The controller accepts a separate power supply if you don’t want to share with the Arduino below. This makes it a great option when designing and constructing your own robot giving you lots of options.”


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