DIY Sentinel ROV

I wanted to make a machine which can help people, protect people from hazards or threats. So I thought of making a drone which can act as a sentinel or like a “protector” to protect people or things from harm. So the original idea was to make a general purpose ROV, to which various objects or devices can be attached as per according to requirement. I wanted it to be like a platform, which can be used to do different things or serve different purposes like, 1) a machine that could be used as a sentinel in the Army. With some modifications, it can be fitted with tactical equipment or antennas or weapons to go to places which would be too dangerous for humans. 2) or at home, a machine that could be used as a companion when someone has to go from one place to another. The drone could be modified to move autonomously and escort someone who is going alone. It could be fitted with offensive equipment which can be operated by someone sitting at home or far away, to protect someone from harm. A machine that escorts people who live alone or who have to go alone somewhere. I thought of all the above ideas and I wanted to make such a machine. A sentinel which has the sole purpose of protecting people from threats. As of now, in its current state, it has many drawbacks and is far from my original idea. But I like to think of it as my first steps towards this idea or goal.”


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